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Hello there and welcome to Junkyard--x created by me, Ella Bella! Here you will find that my style definitely differs from all other webdesigners. You may find yourself lost in my world of graphics, html, tutorials! Just remember, if you do take anything [i.e.a tutorial, script, idea]--->credit me!


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Creator:Ella Bella
Online Since:5.25.08
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Feat:Female Model
Layout Change:12.23.10
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Everything here on Junkyard--x belongs to Ella Bella. If you take any resource, graphic, or inspiration, you must credit!

[2010; Ella Bella]

Future Termination

-- December 23, 2010 -- 9:15PM -- Office -- Freezing -- 56° -- COLD -- Glee -- Nada -- Uninterested -- Hulu.com -- Life Update

How ironic, the 'junkyard' is being terminated. Lol. Well, what the title is trying to convey is that I will be closing down my site next year. I have been questioning whether or not I would like to continue, but in all truth, this website has become more of a job than it has a hobby. I just don't have the time or passion to commit to this website anymore.
A few years ago, this website (or rather webmaking in general) was my life. But as years passed, I found new things in life to become passionate and enthusiastic about. Little by little, this website became that much meaningless to me. I mean, it's not like I just don't give a damn about this website (because I still do); something about working on it just changed. Everynow and then I get the urge to create a layout or graphic; but that is very rarely and it is not enough. Think about it: my updates went from every weekend to every two weeks to once a month; it is unnacceptable for a webdesigner who is affiliated with eight, too many of people.
And on that note, I have decided to let my affies go. But here's a message from me to my dearest elites;

~They have been more than understanding with my time away, but I have held them back quite long enough. So Dear Affies, we are no longer affiliated. It has been a great ride and I appreciate you guys more than words can say. But Thank You for your support and understanding, good luck to you all with the success of your websites. :D

I am so sorry for letting you all down, but like the message on my layout: "nothing lasts forever". And it is true. My favorite websites of all time have shut down. You know, when they terminated their websites, I was in complete shock. I didn't understand how they could just close down something they loved and worked so hard on. But now, I see why.It is too much to quite understand really, but I guess it is just one of those things where you have to experience it for yourself in order to fully understand its purpose or reason why.
I am not closing my website down at this very second though; I am waiting 'till it reaches its third year of production which is in late May. So no worries, I'll be making graphics and layouts up until then. Sadly, I'll be doing it without affies (they don't need to be dragged down in my sad expulsion from the webdesigning world).
In bright news, quite contrary to this message, MERRY CRHISTMAS! Hope you enjoy yourselves and experience a pure, Holy joy and peace.

Yours Dearly, Ella.